Hurricane Heat 12 Hour (HH12HR) Frequently Asked Questions

Thinking of taking on a HH12HR? Read on for some helpful information:

I’ve never done a Hurricane Heat before. Will that be a problem?

It depends how physically and mentally prepared you are. The Hurricane Heat provides a solid platform for understanding how these events work and they type problem solving skills required of these events. If you can think abstractly, and have a solid training background you should be able to perform well, but do note that these events are unforgiving, you are never full prepared for what the cadre have in store, it’s more about how quickly you can adapt and react.

How far do I have to run?
As far as the cadre tell you to. Every event is different and there is no set course distance as quite often during the event you’ll have the opportunity to “choose your own adventure” and as such the distance you travel will ultimately reflect the decisions you make to finish the missions and objectives provided.

What if I don’t know what to bring? I’ve never done one before.

Don’t worry, when you need to know, we will let you know. Some things you can be certain you’ll want/need is a good ruck, something you can be comfortable carrying on your persons for at least 12 hours given that is how long the event will last. You’ll need a solid source of hydration and you’re expected to remain self-supported, there may be opportunities to refill at on course water stations, but do not rely on this to be the case. In addition to hydration you’ll also need to keep yourself fueled for the entirety of the event. Know what keeps you fueled for 12 hours, don’t rely on caffeine, and don’t show up on an empty stomach, you never know when a cadre might decide to enforce a ban on eating or how long it might last.

This will be my first Spartan event. Will I be ok?

I don’t know, how prepared are you for this event? Are you just getting up off the couch for the first time or have you been training as an athlete your entire life. Your physical and mental background are strong indicators of how well you’ll do. If you can look at a challenge and face it head on with no fear, you’re probably ready, if you are hesitant and uncertain of your own physical capabilities it may be best to focus on your training and get a few shorters events under your belt before stepping into the 12 hour ring of fire.

I want to do the event with my friend/sister/whoever. Can we stay together like in a race?

While the Hurricane Heat events are meant to build a sense of camaraderie, the HH12HR serves a higher purpose of forging unbreakable athletes, and places an emphasis on individual missions. The choice is ultimately up to the individual how they tackle those missions, should they decide to hang back with a friend/sister/ or whomever, it is that person's decision and if that causes them to fall behind and miss a time restrained task, that may result in a DNF (did not finish).

Do I have to bring gear like in a regular Hurricane Heat?

Yes. You will have a gear list and all gear on that list is mandatory for participation in the event.

Can I bring my own food? Will there be time to have a break to eat?

You will be required to fuel yourself, the event is self-supported, meaning you feed and hydrate yourself with no outside assistance. Bring enough food to endure the event. Eat whenever you can find a chance to, the cadre are not going to tell you when it’s time for lunch.

Can I use the annual pass for the HH12HR?
Yes. You can use your annual pass to sign up for the HH12HR, it will count as your one registration for that day.

Are the 12 hours in a row? Or can I have a rest for an hour and then do my remaining hours?
Yes, it’s twelve hours, non-stop.

If I miss a time hack and don’t finish on time, can I still get a medal or a patch?
If you do not finish, you leave how you came. No shirt, no patch. Only finishers earn the right to the coveted HH12HR shirt and patch.

Are there photos like at a Spartan Race?
Depends who shows up to to the event. If a shadow wants to take photos and share them with the participant it is advised to upload all photos taken to the Spartan Hurricane Heat Facebook group. Sometimes the cadre will take photos and upload them as well.

Although all events are different, generally what percent is team and what percent is individual?

You can expect this to change from event to event but on average at least one third of the event is team oriented.

Are there general items on the gear list that never change?


  • All athletes MUST wear a black shirt. Can be a t-shirt, sports bra, tank top, whatever you want, but it must be black.
  • 1 Headlamp. It will be dark when we start. (100% Mandatory)
  • 1 Black Sharpie Marker
  • 1 Ruck/Backpack
  • 1 Hydration Unit: You must be able to carry your own water supply (2L or 3L recommended)
  • Bring enough food to survive 12 hours.
  • Ruck weight must equal 25 lbs minimum for men and 15 lbs minimum for women (before hydration and food, figure it out)
  • Reflective Safety Vest OR PT Belt
  • Multitool
  • Duct Tape


Is there a weight requirement to carry in your gear?

Typically. Check your email when the cadre send it out.

What’s the biggest difference between a HH and a HH12HR?
The Hurricane Heat is focused primarily on teamwork and the fourth line of the Warrior Ethos, I will never leave a fallen comrade. The twelve hour Hurricane Heat or HH12HR sets a standard and helps determine who is prepared for the Spartan Agoge. The event consists of team and individual challenges with a primary focus on the first line of the Warrior Ethos, I will always place the mission first.

Does HH12HR ever go “urban”?

The first 12 hour Hurricane Heat in the land down under (Australia) took place in an urban setting. It is very possible this will happen stateside. When that will be, is yet to be determined.

Can my friend shadow the HH12HR?

Yes, but shadows must remain as such. They are not seen, they are not heard, they are not there. No support is allowed during the HH12HR and any such support, whether it be vocal motivation or a helping hand, none of it is allowed. Doing anything to aid the participants would be a disservice to what is trying to be accomplished and would take away from the integrity of the event.

Is there a specific backpack I should use?

The choice of pack is up to you. We’d recommend something that can take a beating and can carry all your supplies. A bag of 21L volume seems to be an ideal size for most participants.

What if I need to go to the bathroom?
Make it quick. The event does not have a Pause button. We keep moving. If you need to dip off into the woods or into a porta potty you better make it fast, and always let a fellow Hurricane Heater know should you decided to step away to take care of business, we don’t want to have to come looking for you.

Should I wear layered clothing and gloves? I am scared of the cold.

You’re probably going to get cold and wet at some point. More clothes may make you warmer, but it will also make you heavier (when wet). What you wear is up to you, just make sure you know yourself, your body, how your body handles certain situations, and come prepared.

Is there any real threat of coming into contact with wildlife?

Absolutely. Often times Spartan Race events take place out in the wilderness, we’ve seen bears, we’ve seen deer, and we’ve seen snakes while setting up our courses. Stay alert. Most of the time we’ve made enough noise during the build week that you shouldn’t have to worry, but it’s better to be safe and prepared.

Will I need survival skills?

It wouldn’t hurt. While it is unlikely you’ll actually need to have survival skills to survive anything we throw your way it is very possible that the cadre will want to teach you or train you in some survival skills. Whether you’ll be tested on those skills will be up to the cadre. We will tell you everything you NEED to know in your gear list email which you can expect to receive within two weeks of the event.

Is there somewhere I can research past events or talk to people that have done it before?
Yes. On Facebook, there is a group made up of people that includes veterans of the Hurricane Heat. Ask them for advice and they will help you. You can also go here for the main page.

I can’t find my city on the Hurricane Heat events. Will my city have a HH or HH12HR?
If you cannot see your city on the schedule, it means there isn’t one. There may be one being organized, but until Spartan Race gets all the information they need (land permits, legalities, red tape, etc), we cannot post a link or page that has a registration link on it.

I heard a rumor that there may be a HH or HH12HR in my city. Is it true?
Spartan Race doesn’t deal in rumors. Only facts. When Spartan has everything that it needs to make an event live, it is posted on the website as soon as possible. Use and official Spartan Race media as your only sources of information.

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