How do I qualify for the 2017 World Championship?

The 2016 World Championship will be returning to Tahoe in 2016. To run in the World Championship Heat for prize money and awards, you will need to earn a Spartan Coin.

There are 3 ways earn a Spartan Coin in 2016: 

  1. The Top 5 racers in the Men's and the Top 5 in the Women's Elite Heat at any Spartan event, who do not already have a coin, will earn a coin. 
  2. The Top 50 racers in both the US Elite Point Series standings and the World Elite Point series (the main standings not the Stadium series) after the last event before the World Championship event will earn a coin.
  3. Top Athletes from across the world will be invited by Spartan. We are talking Olympic gold medalists...winning your local 5K will not count. 

Any event from January 1st 2016 until Sunday prior to the World Championship will provide the opportunity to earn a coin.

If anyone in the Top 5 finishers has already earned a coin, then the 6th place finisher will earn one. If the 6th place finisher already has earned a coin, it will pass to the 7th place finisher, and so on. This will continue until 5 new people have a coin at each event.  (Note: In order to qualify for coins there needs to be at least 30 men or 10 women in the Elite heat.)

On top of getting a physical coin in 2016 all qualified racers in 2016 will earn a virtual coin so you can brag on Social Media.

How Do I Register for the World Championship Heat?

All Elite Racers should sign up for the Elite Heat in the World Championship Event, as usual. Coin holders (regardless of when the coin is earned) will be moved to the specific coin holder World Championship Heat automatically, prior to race day. 

Any racers signed up for the Elite heat that do NOT earn a coin will be placed in a second Elite wave for non-coin holders. The non-coin holder Elite wave will NOT be eligible for World Championship cash prizes, but will earn Elite Series points toward their overall points-ranking for the year. 

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