Biggest Team Competition: Prizes and Rules

So you think that you and your friends have what it takes to be the Biggest Team at a Spartan Race?

Here's what you need to know:

The Rules and Guidelines:

  1. The Biggest Team at an event will be declared 10 days prior to the event and/or upon the initial release of racer start times. Racers joining the teams after this cut off will not affect the Biggest Team status for the event. 
  2. Anyone emailing Customer Service with a request to change from an individual racer to a team must do so at least 14 days prior to the event, to allow time for processing. 
  3. The Biggest Team will be declared each DAY of an event. If there is a Saturday and Sunday event, a Biggest Team will be declared for each day individually. 
  4. The Biggest Team will be declared each day of an event, regardless of how many races (Sprint/Super/Beast) may take place on that day. If a Saturday event has a Sprint and a Beast, still only one overall Biggest Team would be declared. 
  5. Once you have selected a team we are not able to change your team affiliation.


What do we win?!

If your team is declared the Biggest Team, you'll win a variety of awesome prizes and perks. They include (but are not necessarily limited to...):

  • Biggest Team Tent in a prime location in our Festival area, that you can use to meet and socialize with your whole team. Included with the Biggest Team Tent will be a selection of refreshments for you and your team to enjoy while you're getting ready to race or while you recover and compare stories from the course.
  • An Award Block, presented to the team captain on Race Day at the main Festival stage.
  • Biggest Team Patches will be given to the Team Captain, for distribution to the entire team.
  • One Free Spectator per Team Member. No purchase or prior spectator registration necessary. Complimentary Spectator Passes may be redeemed on Race Day at the Spectator Tent (No Refunds will be given for Spectator Passes that were purchased prior to learning of Biggest Team Status).
  • Free Bag Check, one free bag per Team Member. Team Members may be provided specific instructions on Race Day, but will utilize the VIP Bag Check line for checking and picking up their bag. 
  • Shout Outs on Social Media, including links to your website or community page, possible member highlights, etc. 
  • Recognition on Race Day, between your Biggest Team Tent, presentation of your Biggest Team award and our announcements to all of our Spartans that your team is on site, everyone will know that you ripped the most people off the couch and onto the course.
  • ... and a few MORE surprises! (We can't give it all away)


Team Captains:

Team Captains, you've got nothing to worry about other than growing your team. Please be on the lookout for an email or two from our Team Coordinator, who will be able to assist with your team development. If you're in the running to be the largest team, we'll give you the heads up with plenty of time to get a few more members in. Approximately two months prior to race day, captains of the top ten largest teams will be notified that they are in the running to be the single largest team. Each of the top ten teams will be asked to provide a preferred start time. We cannot guarantee this preferred start time, but will do our best to accommodate each of the ten largest teams.
If you're declared the Biggest Team, our Team Coordinator will reach out to you to work out a few details. If you are listed as the Team Captain (you were the first one to start the team during registration), but would prefer that someone else handle the Team Captain logistics, just let our Team Coordinator know when you are contacted. 


Team members using a volunteer race credit earned from volunteering at a previous event will be subject to the same guidelines listed above. Team members planning to volunteer and use their free race credit at the same event will not count towards the overall team size. However, these volunteers can still run with your team and will have access to the largest team perks on race day. Please note, volunteers planning to run in a team heat must request to do so when they register on race day. Otherwise, all volunteers will run in the Volunteer Heat. 

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