2018: Elite Team Events

At select Team Qualifier events in 2018, Elite Spartans will be able to conquer the course in teams of three, potentially qualifying to represent their country in the 2018 Team World Championship at Lake Tahoe. More than 20 countries will race for global domination at the 2018 Team World Championship event.

The Team Format:

The format of the Elite Team events will feature some unique obstacles and course designs - all crafted to celebrate the traditional sporting principles of athleticism, competition and fairness. 

How does my Team qualify for the 2018 Team World Championship in Tahoe?

  • The fastest three teams of each gender, from each country, at the 2018 Team Qualifier events, will earn the right to represent their country at the 2018 Team World Championship. 

  • Members of the qualifying teams will receive a qualification email (with a unique registration password) notifying them when they qualify for the Team World Championship, based on their team’s results.

  • Members of all qualifying teams will receive a special digital “Qualifier” badge to show off on social media


The Details:

  •  Elite Team events may be held over Sprint, Super or Beast distances.
  • All three team members must be citizens (passport holders) of the same country, and must compete together at the same event (team members can not qualify separately).
  • Competitors must be able to supply proof of citizenship upon request by Spartan officials and/or staff.
  • A naming convention applies for teams eventering Team Qualifier events: Each team’s name, chosen during registration, must always include the country of citizenship of its members as the FIRST world in the team name. For example: Australia Dusty Kangaroos, USA Johns Team, Singapore Warriorz.
  • Competitors do NOT need to be living in their country of citizenship in order to qualify to represent their country. Expatriates and tourists may compete abroad but within their country’s region, in order to qualify to represent their home country.
    • For example, 3 Australian expatriates living in the United States may only qualify to represent Australia by competing at a team qualifying event in APAC, where other Australian teams are also present. They may not qualify for Australia at a team qualifying event in North America, for example. This is to ensure competitors from the same country are measured on the same course and conditions.

Team Qualifier Rules:

  • All team heats follow the Official Spartan Rulebook where specific team modifications to obstacle completion requirements or penalties are not separately stated.
  • All obstacles must be attempted by all team members.
  • Assistance is not allowed on any obstacles unless specifically stated otherwise. There may be several obstacles that allow assistance, as long as all safety rules as per the Official Spartan Rulebook are adhered to.
  • Where allowed, a competitor may only receive or give assistance to their own team members. No helping other teams. Outside help as per Official Spartan Rules is not allowed and shall result in a DQ.
  • (Team World Championship ONLY) Where multiple repetitions of an obstacle are required, all team members must complete at least one repetition. Further repetitions may be completed by any combination of team members.


Timing, Results and Penalties:


  • Each team’s finish time is based on the average of all three team members.
  • All three team members must finish within 1 minute of each other, or the team is disqualified (DQ).
  • One or more members failing to finish shall result in all 3 members being disqualified.
  • If any team member loses their timing chip, an unofficial manually calculated result will be given. The entire team becomes ineligible for a podium placement.
  • Each team member that fails an obstacle that features a burpee penalty earns the team 30 burpees.
    • 90 burpees is the maximum burpee penalty a team can receive per obstacle.
    • Any team member can begin burpees as soon as an obstacle is failed, so long as they are in the designated burpee zone.
  • Specific sections of the course that are technical, remote, or subject to unique environmental conditions may include cut-off times, at the discretion of the Race Director.


Where can my team qualify?


Date Race (#qualifying teams) Countries to Qualify
5/5  Taoyuan, Taiwan Sprint  (3) CHINESE TAIPEI
6/16 Foressa, Philippines Sprint   (3) PHILIPPINES
7/1 Qingdao, China Sprint (3) CHINA, (3) HONG KONG
7/8  Morzine, France Super  (1) GB, (1) IRELAND, (1) SLOVAKIA, (1) CZECH, (1) POLAND, (1) HUNGARY, (1) ROMANIA, (1) GERMANY, (1) AUSTRIA, (1) SWITZERLAND, (3) FRANCE, (3) ITALY,  (3) NETHERLANDS, (3) GREECE, (3) SPAIN, (3) ANDORRA, (3) PORTUGAL, (3) BELGIUM, (3) NORWAY, (3) SWEDEN, (3) DENMARK, (3) RUSSIA, (3) FINLAND, (3) SERBIA, (3) CROATIA
7/14 Marston Lodge, UK Super (2) GB, (2) IRELAND
7/29  Putrajaya, Malaysia Sprint   (3) SINGAPORE, (3) MALAYSIA, (3) THAILAND
7/29 Utah, US Sprint  (3) USA
8/18 CDMX, Mexico Sprint (3) MEXICO
8/26 Quebec City, Canada Super


8/26 Gangwon-do, Korea Sprint

 (3) KOREA

9/1  Gold Coast, Australia Sprint 


9/2 Valcanska Dolina, Slovakia Sprint 


9/8  Minakami, Japan Sprint


9/9  Oberndorf, Germany Super 


*Note: Up to 10 additional qualifying team spots may be available per region. If your country is not currently represented above, please contact Spartan Customer service (us@spartan.com) for guidance. You will need to qualify within your region, regardless.

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